Friday, June 6, 2014

Final Project. Read Carefully

Cleaning up

Final Project


Create a song using loops or real instruments

It must include 3 verses 
It must include 3 choruses
It must include 1 bridge
It must be at least 2 minutes but not more then 3

It must also have...

1 drum track
3 other tracks

Volume changes
Panning changes

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Repost for you

How music works series.

How Music Works. #1

Open up google docs and create a new document. 
Title it "How Music Works"
and take notes on the video.  Then form your notes into complete sentences and paragraphs.  We will do this until the series is complete you will then share you document with me.  

Link to video How Music WorksVideo Reviews

     During the course of this class, you will have the opportunity to watch several educational videos.  After viewing the videos, you shall write a review of the video.  These are very useful for teachers and students.  It demonstrates that you are attentive during the video and taking notes (in other words, learning), and it helps teachers to choose a variety of videos that are more suited the needs of the class.
     The video review should be no more than one page in length, and have two paragraphs.  The first paragraph is a summary paragraph.  It should be at least 7 sentences in length, containing the following:
·      an introduction sentence stating the topic of the video
·      identify 3 things you learned watching the video
·      then explain what you learned about each thing
(I learned that new mountain chains form at convergent boundaries.  The wrinkling of land as it collides with another plate creates these mountains.)
The second paragraph is an evaluation of the video, and should be at least 5 sentences in length.  This is your chance to explain how the video helped you, or what you thought of the video.  You should be as descriptive as possible in this portion, because it will help to ensure future videos are more effective.  In the evaluation paragraph you should state the following:
·      identify at least one thing you liked about the video
·      identify at least one thing you disliked about the video
·      how did the video help explain concepts or ideas from the class
·      was it difficult to understand, or was it too slow paced

·      could you see and hear the video well enough

Todays Assignment