Monday, January 30, 2012

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Meet at video screen.


Making a budget
How to bring your spending under control, so that you get the most out of every dollar.

Read it and take the test.  Review Lesson 1 if needed.  We will have a test in class after we finish the assignments.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Class and new expectations

 For today, check and see if your blog page is connected to mine and that it opens up correctly and that your work is visible and shows well.  Put more work up on your site and doctor it up (clean up) your site to look the way you want it too.    Who will be looking at this site?   Is it targeted to your audience and or clientele?  Why would they hire you instead of the thousands of musicians/producers already in business?  You need to work on this today!  Think of this as a new class with stricter rules and expectations.  I will post what I need on each assignment.  For instance.  Todays blog says, "You need to work on this today! "  Some might say something like.  "No late work will be accepted."  Just read the blog carefully and follow the directions for each day and you should be fine.

Mr. Booth

All done?   This is where we are going next.  We need to learn a bit about finance for the recording industry which means learning basic finance.  So go to this link and read the article then take the test.  

Setting priorities
Here's help for the first -- and often the hardest -- step in achieving your financial goals: deciding which goals to pursue.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

your grade

Click  here  for your most recent assignment check off list and your grade.   If you have turned in a project or assignment and it is not checked off,  than talk to me and I will update your records.  I have received many assignments in my email and some of them would not open so that may be the reason it is not registered.  In a nut shell.  If you turned an assignment in and it's not listed, don't worry, it will be.  

Look below to Friday's assignment.  I want your blog done today and the link address posted on this blog under comments.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Create a Song and a Blog

Using your favorite mixing program on your computer,  I want you to grab, drag and mix loops.  Create a song, or mix, that you think is good enough or great enough to share with the class.  After that, or before if you like, you will create a personal blog page at for this class.  Introduction to Music Production Technology.  A link will go up on our class blog linking to your page.  This is where you will have your song posted.  This will be where you will post the rest of the recordings you do this year.  The Personal Blog Page should be done by Monday by the end of class.  Mail me the link Post your blog address on this blog under comments.    Questions?

Post songs on open drive for free or a site of your choice.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Power Point Project

The assignment is for you to choose one of the subjects from the following link on Sound Recording. Create a power point presentation.  Let's see if we can do this and turn in in by Friday.  Power Point is on your computer.  The subjects to choose from are in the link.  A blue link should give you a perfect subject.  Sign your name next to your choice subject in the sign up link.  No duplicate subjects.  If it has already been picked, choose another.   Link.  Just wanted to say it one more time.  8 to 10 slides.  You may have more if needed. 

Link to choose your subject

Sound recording and reproduction


Take the test

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Study questions on Music History.

Answer each of the following questions in sort but concise paragraphs.  Just use your email program and Email the answers to me at  All the answers are on the study sheet.   10 points.  Please include your full name.  

Test will be on Friday. 

  1. Sheet-music publishers dominated the music industry in what century?   
  2. Which country is the biggest buyer of music?  Who is the second and third biggest buyer of music?   
  3. The processes of formal composition and of the printing of music took place...
  4. Describe A and R    
  5. Who paid for music compositions in the 18th century ?  
  6. Describe an Indie Label ?    
  7. What was Thomas Edison’s contribution to music?
  8. In 2005 was Universal Music Group the largest seller of recorded music?    
  9. The big 4 is referring to...    
  10. The "record industry"  eventually replaced the...

Todays Assignment